know the program Project professional 2019

If you renew for a 2019 professional project, then you must be wondering what makes it special. For those who are well connected to project professionals in 2016 and still want to use them than new ones, there is good news for you. The Microsoft 2019 project still has all the features that you have used in software oh 2016.

Project professional 2019

Well, not that, there are also amazing features besides the ones that you can use if you buy a new project for you to work. With the new version, you don’t need to worry about the speed, because the first bug that is fixed is the speed that can be sent accurately and quickly.

This one promises users to face a smooth and smooth experience from startup to project execution. Thus ensuring that not a little time is wasted when you do it.

Beautiful graphics

Microsoft Project Professional 2019 once again includes a beautiful and comprehensive chart that you can use from the start. This feature is very useful for project managers who need to express their information. The professional chart offered by this software includes a Gantt chart, which is well known for displaying schedules so reducing training time for new entrants.

Search Capability

When creating your own presentation or project, there are many products and info. Fortunately, with intuitive search software, you can fully utilize the best feature which is Tell Me search bar to find everything you need, including features. If you are a beginner in this software, this will help you learn more about it in a shorter period of time, making your time more efficient than before!

Auto Populate Feature

The software now comes with features that will help you save your valuable time when you fill the chart. Thanks to the automatic charging feature, you can set start and end dates, based on your needs.

This will automatically fill in every part of your chart according to the date you provided and will implement the Task Checker to identify tasks and efficient resource settings.

Effective Decision-Making

In business decision making is utmost important. With this software, it lets you take an advance decision for your business with the inbuilt tools that change as per your business needs. Thus you can also gain useful insights that can help you communicate well with your stakeholders and in fact, you can focus more on better results.

Various Schedules

Various schedules are present to make everything more comprehensive using attractive designs. Designing a project is not an easy task and Microsoft is now implementing a feature that will help you handle all your tasks and needs, and understand every aspect of the project.

Thanks to easy sharing options, you can now connect your schedule between Office tools.


Because it is compatible with various tools to connect your colleagues, you can make full use of Skype for Business, which allows you to use video, voice and chat to communicate. This shows that focus more on teamwork. This means that software allows you to integrate Skype for Business at Project 2019, without having to switch between applications while you are running. Skype for Business is sold separately.

Collaborative Workspace

This software allows you to create separate collaborative workspaces where you can tell members about certain progress in your project. This space also allows you to share conversations, project schedules and updates. All of this contributes to frequent updates, getting your members informed and ready to act and improve existing projects.

Add-ins at Your Glance

This software’s latest upgrades help you with the various add-in. This add-in is easily available in the office store. These expanded add in are there to help you make the most out of the project 2019. You are also free in creating the desired and unique project to impress your clients. The most important part is its affordability.

Advance Planning

Project 2019 Professionals can think first to provide possible solutions to possible problems. You can now access your entire task list and set some of them to be ‘inactive’. You don’t need to recreate the entire schedule or business plan again. Everything can be done in seconds, which is why Project 2019 is great software.